A Remarkable Journey: Our Pup’s Miracle Recovery from FCE ("Canine Spinal Stroke”) with an Incredible Vet Team, a Water Treadmill & Physical Therapy

They say that a dog is a man's best friend, and in our case, our 1 year old Akita puppy became not just a friend but a source of inspiration and resilience. Our furry companion went through a challenging health ordeal, facing a condition called FCE (fibrocartilaginous embolism) that left us fearing the worst. However, with the help of a dedicated veterinary team and a rigorous physical therapy regimen, our beloved pup made a miraculous recovery. We wanted to share the heartwarming story of her journey and the invaluable role played by the remarkable professionals who guided us through this challenging time.

The Initial Shock:

  1. It all started when our pup very suddenly experienced difficulty walking. Her rear right leg seemed completely paralyzed. We rushed her to the vet, filled with worry and anxiety. After thorough examination, a 3 day stay in the ER and neurology department and a $3,000 MRI, our worst fears were confirmed—our puppy had suffered from FCE, a spinal cord injury caused by an obstruction of blood flow to the spinal cord. We were devastated and feared she had completely lost the use of her leg forever. But little did we know that the road to recovery was about to unfold, thanks to a miracle pup and the exceptional veterinary team that became an integral part of our lives.

The Unyielding Support of the Vet Team:

  1. Our veterinary team proved to be an invaluable source of guidance, support, and expertise throughout our Akita's recovery process. They explained the condition in detail, provided us with treatment options, and answered our countless questions with patience and compassion. Their commitment to our pup's well-being was evident from the start, and it gave us hope that our furry friend had a fighting chance. 

Physical Therapy and the Water Treadmill: The Path to Recovery:

  1. One crucial aspect of our girl’s rehabilitation was physical therapy. Working closely with a certified canine rehabilitation therapist, we devised a comprehensive plan tailored to her specific needs. The physical therapy sessions aimed to improve her mobility, strengthen her muscles, and aid in the recovery of her motor skills. Perhaps the most fascinating and crucial component was the use of a water treadmill! Twice a week she would get in a tank and walk on the treadmill surrounded by water to decrease resistance and help her learn how to walk again. The genius trick was a giant jar of peanut butter at the end of the treadmill! 

The Power of Patience and Persistence:

  1. Recovering from FCE was not an easy feat, both for our puppy and for us. We quickly realized that patience and persistence were key factors in helping our pup regain her strength. Through the ups and downs, we witnessed her determination and unwavering spirit, which motivated us to stay strong and committed to her recovery.

Milestones of Triumph:

  1. As weeks turned into months, we celebrated numerous milestones that showcased our Akita's progress. From taking a few steps with assistance to walking independently, each achievement filled our hearts with joy and reinforced our belief in the power of resilience. These small victories, combined with the expert guidance of our veterinary team, gave us the confidence to continue on this arduous but rewarding journey.

Gratitude and Reflection:

  1. Looking back on our pup’s recovery, we cannot help but feel immense gratitude towards the veterinary professionals who played a pivotal role in her rehabilitation. Their unwavering dedication, expertise, and compassionate care made a world of difference for our beloved pup and for us as pet parents.

Our Akita puppy's journey from the depths of FCE to a full recovery serves as a testament to the remarkable capabilities of veterinary medicine and the importance of physical therapy in healing. Through the combined efforts of a stellar veterinary team and our unwavering commitment, our furry friend overcame adversity and emerged stronger than ever. This experience has not only deepened our bond with our pup but has also reminded us of the remarkable resilience that animals possess. We hope that our story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges and highlights the incredible impact that a dedicated veterinary team and physical therapy can have on a pet's life. Don’t ever give up on them! Our dogs are far more resilient and tenacious than we sometimes give them credit for, and miracles are possible! 


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