Navigating Pet Loss - Our Story

Once upon a time a family was devastated by the loss of their beloved boxer, Ruby. They searched for a memorial that could truly honor Ruby's character in a personal and meaningful way, but to no avail. They wanted something authentic that could reflect the love and bond they had with Ruby.
Feeling frustrated and disheartened, they decided to take matters into their own hands. They headed to their garage and created a special memorial for Ruby that truly captured her spirit and celebrated their adventures together. They developed a way to encapsulate memories that incorporates the thing closest to a pet- their own collar. But little did they know, this was just the beginning of something much bigger.
As they shared their creation with friends and family, they were met with an overwhelming response. Others wanted to memorialize their pets in the same way, with a personalized and meaningful tribute. Many wanted to celebrate the lives of their current pets as well. The couple saw an opportunity to bring value to the lives of pet parents everywhere and decided to turn their creation into a business.
But it wasn't just about creating a successful company. They wanted to make sure that they were doing things right - sourcing materials locally, manufacturing in the USA, and working with other small businesses to make it happen. They created a community to provide support through pet loss and to enrich pet parents' relationships with their furry family members. They knew that by doing so, they could be in service to others while honoring the memory of their beloved Ruby.
They knew that pet parents everywhere were just like them - their pets were family, and they showed it. They wanted to offer something that could help other pet parents memorialize their furry family members in the same way. And so, their brand was born - a brand that values authenticity, community, and service to others.
Today, their brand continues to grow, touching the lives of pet parents everywhere, and honoring the memory of their beloved Ruby. Whether they have passed or are still with us, Whisker & Fang honors your adventures together and celebrates the value of every life.


Whisker (CEO)


Meet Whisker, our beloved CEO and four-legged leader. He may not have a degree in business, but his unconventional leadership style has taken our company to new heights. With mandatory belly rub breaks and squirrel-chasing team building exercises, he's created a happier and more productive workforce. Plus, his sharp sense of smell helps him sniff out any problems and bark out solutions in no time. We're pawsitively thrilled to have Whisker at the helm of our company!



Fang, our Chief Compliance Officer, is a real stickler for the rules. She'll bark at you if you forget your PPE or break any safety protocols, and she's not afraid to report you to management. Just make sure to follow the rules around Fang, or you'll be in the doghouse!


Although our beloved furry family member Ruby has passed away, her spirit lives on as our company's mascot and guiding light. She inspired us with her unwavering loyalty, endless affection, and boundless energy. Her memory reminds us to approach every day with enthusiasm, and to treat our colleagues and customers with the same love and kindness that she showed us.